Dr Titus Chemandwa Ndiwa

Dr. Ndiwa is a Lecturer at the Department of Clinical Studies, under Wildlife Management and Conservation Section. He worked at the National Museums of Kenya as a Research Scientist before joining University of Nairobi as a lecturer in 2016. Ndiwa has research interests in the field of population genetics, aquatic ecology and conservation.

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Ndiwa, TC, Nyingi D, Wemali E, Yusuf HA.  2017.  Seafood value chains and mangrove restoration in Mida Creek. In Leew J, Koech G, Yaye A, Nyongesa J. 2017. A review of best practice in the Horn of Africa with biodiversity based value chain development for pro-poor biodiversity conservation. , Nairobi: ICRAFbiodiversity-based_value_chains-_14122017.pdf


Ndiwa, TC, Nyingi D, Claude J, Agnese JF.  2016.  Morphological variations of wild populations of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) living in extreme environmental conditions in the Kenyan Rift-Valley. Environmental Biology of Fishes. 99(5):473-485.



Ndiwa, TC, Mwangi BM, Kairu E, Kaluli JW, Nyingi D.  2012.  Physicochemical Characteristics of Undrainable water dams utilised for fish rearing in the Semi-arid Naromoru area, Central Kenya.. Journal of Agriculture, Science and Technology. 14(2(2012)):45-55.


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