Dr. Shepelo Getrude Peter

Dr. Shepelo Getrude Peter is currently a tutorial fellow at the Department of Clinical Studies. She graduated with a bachelor degree in Veterinary Medicine (BVM) in 2012. She received the university of Nairobi scholarship to pursue her masters degree in veterinary medicine (MvetMed) and graduated in 2015. She worked on a project to investigate the prevalence and risk factors associated with Eimeria, Cryptosporidia, Strongyloides and Giardia infections in calves in smallholder dairy farms in Nyeri County.

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Peter, GS, Gitau GK, Mulei CM, Vanleeuwen J, Richards S, Wichtel J, Uehlinger F, Mainga O.  2015.  Prevalence of Cryptosporidia, Eimeria, Giardia, and Strongyloides in pre-weaned calves on smallholder dairy farms in Mukurwe-ini district, Kenya. Veterinary World . 8(9):1118-1125.
Richards, S, Vanleeuwen J, Shepelo G, Gitau GK, Kamunde C, Uehlinger F, Wichtel J.  2015.  Associations of farm management practices with annual milk sales on smallholder dairy farms in Kenya. Veterinary World. 8(1):88-96.


Shepelo, GP, Maingi N.  2014.  Major causes of poultry mortality in Nairobi and its environs established from autopsie. A Journal of The Kenya Veterinary Association. 38(1):32-42.

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