Dr. Martine Odhiambo Oleche

I am a holder of Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Economics with the PhD thesis titled, “The Effect of Out-of-Pocket Health Expenditure on Mortality Level in Kenya: Direct Survey Evidence”. I am a Health Economist with a particular bias in Health Sector Policy Analysis and Financing, Health Insurance, Training, Research and Consultancy. I am well acquainted with a broad range of statistical and econometric software, including STATA, SPSS, E-Views, among others which I have extensively used in various research undertakings.



Owti, EA, Oleche MO.  2015.  Costing of Antiretroviral Treatment in Mbagathi District Hospital, Kenya. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INNOVATIVE RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT. 4(3):28-37.



Oleche, OM, Kiriti-Nganga TW.  2008.  The Analysis of Health Expenditures on Key Health Indicators in Kenya. International Journal of Afro - Asian Studies. 8(2):7-24.

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