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Dr Kuria holds PhD in applied Geophysics from University of Twente, Faculty of ITC, Netherlands titled “Seismotectonics of active faults; Magadi fault system, southern Kenya Rift ISBN No. 978-90-6164-315-9, ITC Dissertation No. 194.” and published a paper “Active fault segments as potential earthquake sources: inferences from integrated geophysical mapping of the Magadi fault system, southern Kenya Rift” the data set used include earthquake data, satellite imagery, digital elevation model (DEM), electrical resistivity tomography (ERT), airborne magnetic and ground magnetic. He has used collocated transient electromagnetic (TEM) and magnetelluric (MT) soundings to image deep faults, furnish fault architecture and its constituents and how they influence seismicity. He has mapped faults from Central Kenya Rift (Lakes Baringo-Bogoria) to Southern Kenya Rift (Lake Magadi) including Suswa-Mai Mahiu area using airborne magnetic survey.

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