Esophageal stricture due to a common household water purifying agent.

KAISHA DROTSIANYIWYCKLIFFE. "Esophageal stricture due to a common household water purifying agent.". In: The Ann Afr Surg 2010; 5:44-46. Kenya Medical Association; 2006.


Objective: To determine the prevalence malignancies among relatives of breast cancer patients.
Design: Prospective study from October 2003 to October 2007.
Setting:  Private clinic Kenyatta National Hospital doctors plaza
Subjects: 156 Breast cancer patients being followed up in the breast clinic.
Methods: H/o malignant disease in relatives was ascertained.
Results: 23 (14.7%) of 156 patients had a relative affected.  8 (5.1%) had a pattern suggestive of  genetic breast cancer.  22 (52.4%)  1ST degree relatives (father 10, mother 4, sister 7 and brother 1).  GIT malignancy (18/42 relations), breast cancer (9/42) & prostate cancer (5/42) were the most frequent malignancies.
Conclusion: H/o of malignancy in 1ST degree relatives & multiple malignancies appear to be assoc with breast cancer.




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