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Iraki XN. " We are all golfers in Kenya, unknowingly ." The Standard, August 3, 2015.
Iraki XN. "Can we sell sunshine before oil." The Standard, April 21, 2015.
IRAKI WN. "Capacity utilization: The Forgotten Secret in Trading Out Poverty.". In: Makerere Business School. Conference at Makerere University Busiiness School; 2009.
Iraki XN. "Constitution @ 5: Where are the economic dividends?" The Standard, August 31, 2015.
Iraki XN. "Corruption in Kenya — blame it on shopkeeper." The Standard, March 31, 2015.
Iraki XN. "Despite great wealth, the rich also cry." The Standard, January 13, 2015.
Iraki XN. "Does Mau Mau Compensation Make Economic Sense." The Standard, June 11, 2013.
Iraki XN. "Does Operations Research need a Renaissance?". In: 11 international Operations Research of Eastern Africa Conference. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; Forthcoming.
Iraki XN. "Does setting minimum, maximum land acreage make economic sense." The Standard, June 30, 2023.
Iraki XN. "The economic goldmine in Happy Valley legacy." The Standard, August 18, 2015.
Iraki XN. "The Economic Implications of Peaceful and Fair General Elections in Kenya.". In: Youth and Peaceful Elections in Kenya, ISBN :978-9966-028-37-2. Nairobi: Twaweza communications; 2013.
Iraki XN. Economic Models in Africa: Poverty vs. Cohesion. Juja, Kenya: Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology; 2015.
Iraki XN. Entrepreneurship, Productivity and International Trade: A study of Three Catalysts of Economic Growth. Jackson, Mississippi, USA: Jackson State University; 2005.
Iraki XN. "Generation Z: Is it time to deschool society?" The Standard, August 10, 2015.
Iraki XN. "Grabbing is not just about land." The Standard, May 19, 2015.
Iraki XN. "The great expectations: MBA and after.". In: Sixth annual Africa International Business and Management (AIBUMA 2015) conference. Nairobi, Kenya; 2015.
Iraki XN. "How education has given Africa a greedy, corrupt elite." The EastAfrican, March 14, 2005.
Iraki XN. Innovations in Insurance: The New Frontiers. Nairobi, Kenya: Association of Insurance Brokers of Kenya - AIBK presentation; 2015.
Iraki XN. Interview with Voice of America on Weakening Shilling. Voice of America, Swahili Service; 2015.
Iraki XN. "Is Women empowerment good for our Economy?" The Standard, May 28, 2013.
Iraki XN. "Kenyan elections and economic consequences." MANAGEMENT. 2013;(February 2013):48-49.
Iraki XN. "Kenya’s economic prospects bright in 2015." The Standard, January 5, 2015.
Iraki XN. "Nairobi vs. Toronto: A tale of two cities and reality of urban economics.". In: Sixth annual Africa International Business and Management (AIBUMA 2015) conference. Nairobi, Kenya; 2015.
Iraki XN. "Obama trip: It's more than just a visit." The Standard, July 20, 2023.
Iraki XN. The Orphans of the Happy Valley. Nairobi, Kenya: TBA; Forthcoming.
Iraki XN. "The paradox of foreign investment in Kenya..." The Standard, June 23, 2015.
Iraki XN. "The Politics and Economics of City Spaces: Parks, Trading Zones and Slums.". In: (Re)membering Kenya. ISBN NO: 978-9966-028-50-1. Nairobi: Twaweza Communication; 2014.
Iraki XN. "The politics in sugar sector is more than meets the eye." The Standard, August 14, 2015.
Iraki XN. "Privacy vs. Security: Was Orwell Right?" The Standard (2013).
Iraki XN. Prospects of A Futures Market in Kenya . Nairobi; 1996.
Iraki XN, NCCK. Reflections on the State of the Nation. Iraki XN, ed. Nairobi, Kenya: NCCK; 2015.
Iraki XN. "Risk, assessment and IT Risk.". In: The Kenya Instutute of Management (KIM)annual Risk Management Conference.; 2015.
IRAKI WN. "Seminar participant at United States International University(Nairobi, Campus) on the Following Topical Issues; Reporting Human Rights, Reporting on Foreign Policy, and The Role of Media in Conflict Resolution.". In: Paper presented at the 4TH International Operations Research Society of Eastern Africa (ORSEA) Conference, . WN Iraki; 1997.
Iraki XN. "Should Wanjiku lose sleep over a weak shilling?" The Standard on Sunday, September 13, 2020:24.
Iraki XN. "Should We worry about public Debt?" The Sunday Standard, May 31, 2015.
Iraki XN. "The Strange Economics of Class Society." The Standard, May 15, 2012.
Iraki XN. "US President Barack Obama trip: It’s more than just a visit." The Standard, July 21, 2023.

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