Dr. Willy Mwangi Edwin Biography

I have been a tutorial fellow at the Department of Clinical Studies since September 2012. I hold Bachelors of Veterinary Medicine, Master of Veterinary Surgery and PhD in Clinical Studies all from the University of Nairobi.

In my line of work, I see a lot of animals suffering from chronic diseases and trauma most of which are frustrating to treat and often results into disabilities or impaired bodily functions. Inspired by the urge to find novel therapies that can be used to treat such cases and consequently improve the quality of life for my patients, I have over the years developed great interest in stem cell biology, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. These fields remain the most promising in generation of such therapies.In addition, I understand that patients with such chronic diseases and bodily trauma incur a lot of pain and for this reason, I am also interested in finding better pain treatment protocols.

I am currently working on regeneration of chronic wounds in dogs and treatment of chronic mastitis in bovine using platelet rich plasma (PRP). In future I plan to undertake cutting edge research in tissue engineering and stem cells biology. This i believe is the future in both human and veterinary medicine. I have published widely in peer reviewed local and international journals and presented in many conferences.

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