Dr. Wilkister Nakami Nabulindo Bio

Dr. Nakami is a Lecturer in Theriogenology, Veterinarian and consultant/specialist in livestock reproductive technologies, genome editing enthusiast. Dr. Nakami has experience in; in vitro production of embryos, embryo transfer (non surgical and laparascopic), culture of animal stem cells including spermatogonial stem cells and genome editing of cells. PhD research was in generation of genetically edited surrogate male goats for propagation of desirable genetics.

Dr. Wilkister Nakami Nabulindo CV



Nabulindo, NW, Nguhiu-Mwangi J, Kipyegon AN'eno, Ogugo M, Muteti C, Christian T, Oatley MJ, Oatley JM, Kemp S.  2022.  Culture of Kenyan Goat (Capra hircus) Undifferentiated Spermatogonia in Feeder-Free Conditions. Frontiers in Veterinary Science. 9: Frontiers Media SA Abstract
Nakami, WN, Nguhiu-Mwangi J, Kipyegon AN’eno, Ogugo M, Muteti C, Stephen K.  2022.  Comparative Efficiency for in vitro Transfection of Goat Undifferentiated Spermatogonia Using Lipofectamine Reagents and Electroporation. Stem Cells and Cloning: Advances and Applications. 15:11.: Dove Press Abstract




Nakami, WN, Tsuma VT, Milkey K, Dickerson M, Wong M, Mutembei HM, Muthee JK, Odipo O, Ngetich W.  2017.  Lateral flow immunoassay for whole blood progesterone detection as a tool for assessment of reproductive status in cattle.. : University of Nairobi Abstract


Nabulindo, WN.  2016.  BLOOD PROGESTERONE DETERMINATION BY LATERAL FLOW IMMUNOASSAY FOR ASSESSMENT OF REPRODUCTIVE STATUS OF DAIRY CATTLE IN KENYA.. : Department of Clinical Studies, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University … Abstract


Wilkister Nakami, HM Mutembei, OC, Githigia SM.  2015.  Prevalence of Gastrointestinal Parasites of Sheep and Goats in the Fora and Mona Populations during Drought Mitigation in Marsabit County of Kenya. Journal of Agricultural Science and Food Technology. 1:84–87., Number 2449-1815: pearl research journal Abstract

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