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Dr. Shem O. Wandiga is Professor of Chemistry at the department of Chemistry, University of Nairobi and Acting Director, Institute for Climate Change and Adaptation. Professor Wandiga’s research interests lie in studying sources and sinks of biogenic gases; persistent organochlorine pesticides in the tropics; trace metals concentration in various environmental media; complexes of Group VB metals with sulfur and oxygen binding ligands; and climate change and health. He was the Principal Investigator in project called “Capacity building to evaluate and adapt to climate-change-induced vulnerability to malaria and cholera in the Lake Victoria Region under the GEF funded, UNEP executed and START and TWAS implemented project: Assessment of Impact and Adaptation to Climate Change. He was the Coordinator of another GEF funded, UNEP implemented and ACTS executed project on integrating vulnerability and adaptation to climate change
into sustainable development policy planning and implementation in eastern and southern Africa: KENYA Pilot Project Design: Increasing Community Resilience to Drought in Makueni District. He is also a member of the team in the project
Equatorial Africa Deposition Network similarly funded by GEF and administered by UNEP. He has a Ph.D. from the Case Western Reserve University, U.S.A. UNESCO MEDAL PRIZE, 10th April, 2015 Chancellor, Egerton University, 26th July, 2013.Doctor of Science, Honoris Causa, Egerton University, July 26, 2013. EBS- December, 1986. Awarded Order of the Elder of Burning Spear, Second Class. Professor Wandiga was also Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration and Finances)
of the University (1987-94). He was subsequently appointed as the Coordinator of the Policy and Planning Task Group of the Ministry of Education (1991), a US$60.million The World Bank credit to Kenya Government, which he successfully help negotiate and manage; elected as Kenya’s representative to the Executive Board of UNESCO (1995-99), President of the External Relations and Program Commission of the Board (1997-99), member of the General Committee and the Advisory Committee on Environment of the International Council for Science (ICSU) (1999-2002). Fellow: Kenya National Academy of Sciences (1986); World Innovation Foundation (2002-); IUPAC (2004- ); AAS (2006-), Royal Society of Chemistry (2010), Member: American Chemical Society (2010).
The International Jury UNESCO Kalinga Prize for the popularization of Science (1999-present); Member of the Jury, L’Oreal-UNESCO Award for women, Condensed Matter Science (Physics and Chemistry) 2004; member of the Board:
UNESCO’s International Basic Sciences Programme (IBSP) (2004-); member of the Advisory Board, IDRC/DfID Project: Climate Change Adaptation Support 3 Programme for Action Research and Capacity Development in Africa (CCAA)
(2006-2008). Chair, Government of Kenya Taskforce on the development of national strategy for University Education (2006-2008).
He is the author of 135 papers, 83 conference presentations, 26 books and chapters in books, 12 public lectures at international conferences, 10 government reports and 13 consultancy reports and has chaired several national committees
on university education and been a consultant on World Bank, UNESCO and UNEP projects undertaken in Kenya and Eastern Africa. Professor Wandiga was Chair of the Kenya National Academy of Sciences from 1992 – 2002, and Chair of the Pan African Committee of START (2001-2007) as well as past chair of the National IGBP Committee. Awarded Certificate by Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Government of Kenya (2004), for outstanding work on Hazardous and Toxic Chemicals and Pesticides.

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