Kaguara, A.  2012.  Digital divide; the glaring reality.


Wakaguara, A.  2010.  BUDGETARY PRACTICES IN PRIVATE/ MISSION HOSPITALS IN NAIROBI AND ITS ENVIRONS. Abstractbudgetary_practices_in_private_mission_hospitals_in_nairobi_and_its_environs.pdf

This paper examines the budgetary practices in private and mission hospitals. The aim is to shed some light on the human behaviour including other activities during budgeting. This research was based on a survey of all private and mission hospitals in Nairobi. Two additional hospitals were included in the study from the environs. Budgeting reflects a conscious effort to plan for certain desirable results and controls to maximise the chances of achieving those results in a company. In a typical private sector, budgeting is a collective and closely coordinated exercise in which each activity is systematically related to the other since the sector is profit motivated. Future planning needs to recognize that sustainable health service provision cannot be achieved by the government health sector alone and active involvement of stakeholders is required. Typically, in the governmental sector, health services are financed primarily through the revenue collected from fees and insurance premiums charged to service users. The main contribution of this paper is to highlight the involvement of senior staff in the budget planning, problems faced during the budgeting process and the effectiveness of the budgeting process. In addition, it guides on possible solutions to problems faced by the organisations.

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