Enhancing active learning pedagogy through online collaborative learning

Maina ME, Wagacha PW, Oboko R. "Enhancing active learning pedagogy through online collaborative learning.". In: Handbook of Research on Active Learning and the Flipped Classroom Model in the Digital Age. IGI Global: Handb. Res. Act. Learn. Flip. Classr. Model Digit. Age; 2015.


Learner-centered learning theories such as active learning and collaborative
learning are highly supported by Web 2.0 technologies and they are augmenting traditional
teacher-centered approaches. New teaching pedagogies such as flipped classroom have
also embraced the use of collaborative learning where students engage in group-based
activities during class time and they embark on asynchronous video lectures after the
classroom. However, there is little research on how flipped classrooms can support online

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