Dr. Daniel Dennis Waga

Seeking a challenging position in which my educational background and
experience in oil and mineral exploration can contribute to the development and progress in science and
at the same time advance my career and professionalism.



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Waga, DD, Andreeva-Grigorovich AS.  2008.  Paleocene nannofossils from the Odessa Shelf (south-western Black Sea region), September 2008. 12th International Nannoplankton Association Meeting. , Lyon, France Abstract

In 2006 -2007, two boreholes (Odeska-6 and Odeska-20) were drilled on the south-western part
of the Ukrainian sec- tor of the Black Sea. According to the geophysical well- log data, borehole
Odeska-20 recovered sediments of the Paleocene (1151-1621 m) and Eocene (692-1151
m). We studied nannofossils from the Paleocene interval of both boreholes. The identified nannofossils
had a moderate to bad preservation. Four nannofossil zones of Martini (1971) and Okada & Bukry
(1980) were identified: com- bined Cruciplacolithus tenuis-Chiasmolithus danicus zone
(NP2-NP3/CP1b-CP2), Fasciculithus tympaniformis (NP5/CP4), Heliolithus kleinpellii
(NP6/CP5) and Heli- olithus riedelii (NP8/CP7). The combined C. tenuis-C. danicus zone
(NP2- NP3/CP1b-CP2) was distinguished only in borehole Odeska-6 (int. 1544-1635 m). The
most common species are: Coccolithus pelagicus, Neochiastozygus sp

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