Battered women: A social-legal perspective of their experiences in Nairobi.

TOM DONDICHO. "Battered women: A social-legal perspective of their experiences in Nairobi.". In: In reflections on international tourism: Motivations, behaviour and tourist types, Robinson, M.J. Swarbrooke, N. Evans, P. Long and R. Sharpley eds. Newcaste and Sheffield: Athenaeum Press. African Study Monographs, 21(1): 35-44; 2000.


ABSTRACT The literature and research on domestic violence against women have

received increased attention in the 1980's and 1990's, but research on wife beating/battering

is still sparse. This paper reports from a research project in Nairobi that focused on the legal

experiences of battered women and their perceptions of the violence. Findings reveal that the

problem of battering is rampant and most battered women do not seek legal intervention. It

was also found that a majority of the women remained in intimate relationships with their

batterers due to economic dependence on the batterers and lack of alternatives outside the


Key Words: Domestic violence; Legal Experiences; Nairobi; Kenya.




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