PCNA Annual Symposium Abstracts

Stuart-Shor EM, Kariuki JK, Chateauneuf J, Kimani S, Karani AK. "PCNA Annual Symposium Abstracts.". 2012.


Global risk assessment has become an important part of comprehensive CV evaluation and guides treatment. Most global risk tools require laboratory measurement of lipids, a test not readily available in resource-constrained countries. The Gaziano Risk Score (GRS) is a non-lab based model which includes age, gender, diabetes, smoking, systolic BP and substitutes BMI for cholesterol. In comparative effectiveness analysis the GRS has similar predictive value compared to the Framingham score. Objectives: The purpose of this study was to add risk stratification using clinical estimations of the number of CV risk factors (CVRF) and the GRS to our community-based CV screenings.

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