Common Skin Diseases Child Health Dialogues 1998: 10 6

MBALUKA DRMUNYAOTITUS. "Common Skin Diseases Child Health Dialogues 1998: 10 6 .". In: Journal. Child Health Dialogues; 1998.


The chapter discusses common both infectious and non infectious skin diseases in the tropical environment in a medicine text book: Medicine: Non-communicable Diseases in Adults; which widely explores common medical diseases in the tropical setting. The chapter begins with the outline, glossary of terms and introduction to the structure and function of the skin. Skin infections are discussed under bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic infestations at the end of the section.The section on Allergic or immunological disorders discusses eczema in its diversity, urticaria and adverse cutaneous drug reactions.The last section discusses acne vulgaris and the papulosquamous disorders.




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