Antimicrobial sensitivity in cholera in Kenya

Munyao TM. Antimicrobial sensitivity in cholera in Kenya.; 1986.


Investigations were carried out with a view to
establishing vibrio cholerae susceptibility to
various antimicrobial agents. Tetracycline,
chlorampenicol, co-trimoxazole, Erythromycin,
Ampicillin, Minocycline, Amoxycillin and Nalidixic
acid were included.
Vibrio cholerae strains tested from 178 isolates were
found to be completely resistant to Co-trimoxazole
and amoxycillin. Complete resistance was encountered
to Tetracycline, in Kirinyaga district (N=124) and
highly resistant in Nyanza Province 67%(N=33).
Variable high resistance was also encountered to
Erythromycin 65.2% (N=178) and ampicillin 99.3%(N=l78)

The V. cholerae strains were 100% sensitive to
Minocycline and Nalidixlc acid, and 84.3% sensitive to
The multiple drug resistance encountered is
usually confered by plasmids.


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