Mr. Douglas wangila khamila

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Most buildings are designed and constructed with passive fire protection in mind. The passive fire protection systems contain the fire in a given area. However, increasingly Active fire protection, which aims at stopping the fire altogether, is now becoming popular. In order to achieve the objectives of both fire protection systems, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) has become indispensable and Fluid Mechanics courses are now focusing on CFD as one of the core subjects of study.

The impact of ICT on society

ICT has changed our lives greatly in recent years. We can communicate easily and shop online but we need to be aware of potential health risks with computers.
Technology can mean that certain roles in a company are no longer required. New jobs are created but it is uncertain whether ICT has created or reduced opportunities in the long term.

Simplified Arabic Language

Arabic language is one of the most ancient and rich languages of the world. Teaching of Arabic has not been perfected by many. Simplified Arabic Language is made in the best way to teach and learn Arabic

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