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E., T.  2002.  Enhancing Web Information Search Using Meta-Searching and Web Automatons. , Brussels: VUB Abstract

The Web has emerged as a crucial information propagation medium in the information
age. As a consequence, availability of information on the Web has exploded. Equipping
consumers with better Web search tools is therefore becoming a matter of priority for
Web researchers.

Standard Web search engines have remained popular and, indeed, are very essential tools
for Web users to search for useful information. However, users often are faced with the
limitations of these search engines. These limitations include presence of obsolete data in
their databases, limited coverage of the WWW, vulnerability to keyword spamming and
inaccurate ranking of search results.

This study is founded on an attempt to demonstrate alternative approach to Web
searching, which can improve upon traditional approaches to Web searching. A tool was
developed, which combine meta-searching and use of Web automatons to process user
queries and produce higher quality results than individual regular search engines.

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