An Intrinsic Dislocation Density – Finite Element Formulation Of Metal Plasticity

Njoroge KD, Mutuli SM, Kihiu JM. "An Intrinsic Dislocation Density – Finite Element Formulation Of Metal Plasticity.". 2012.


A computational model was developed to simulate elastic and plastic behavior in Body Centered Cubic (BCC) metals and alloys. The model provided for simultaneous simulation of the micro and macro length scales and used periodicity to link the two length scales. The model was implemented in a 3dimensional framework giving rise to a finite element technique incorporating intrinsic dislocation information in the simulation of the material’s behavior. The technique was validated by simulating loading over the elastic range and the immediate region beyond yield, of thin steel strips, and comparing the results to those obtained by conventional analysis. Stress-strain curves and slip plane percentage contribution factors were generated. Specifically the stress-strain curves generated upheld Hooke’s law and demonstrated a definite yield plateau followed by material recovery after yielding.


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