Dr. Simeon O. Dulo


- Kenyan Citizen
- Married to one wife
- Three Sons


I am a practicing Christian and blessed by the Lord

Areas Of Specialization

- Environmental Sustainability in Transportation
- Water Resources System Analysis


- Integrated Water Resource Management,
- Climate change impacts on Water Resources
- Polluting effects of Poor Solid Waste Management


1) REACH Water Security Research Project, funded by DFID

Dr. Simeon O. Dulo



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Cities around the world are currently facing considerable pressure to cope with infrastructure provision amidst rapid urban development and economic growth. Kenya is also facing an
increasing growth of informal settlements in her urban centres. As rapid urbanization takes its toll, so has the development and growth of slums. More than 34% of Kenya‟s total population lives in urban areas and of this, more than 71% is confined in informal settlements (UN-Habitat, 2009).
This paper presents the result of study to assess the effects of the change in land use in two sub-catchments, in an urban area close to the Nairobi Central Business District (NCBD). The paper compares the change in land use of two regions in Nairobi, Kenya that are slowly changing due to the fast growing population and economy, on urban runoff.


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