Silvia Muturi

Silvia is a social entrepreneur passionate about the Deaf community and partners with both the public and private sector to champion Deaf rights. After spending over a decade in the Deaf community, Silvia knows how to collaborate, change conversations and disrupt the status quo. She advocates for mainstreaming of services, inclusivity and empathy.

Silvia had just won the Education & ICT award from the inaugural Unleash 2017, where talents from all the over the world came together to create real scalable solutions to the Sustainable development goals. She has published articles on best practices regarding the Deaf in the justice, social media and transport sector. In addition to her extensive PR and marketing experience, Silvia is a mentor to marginalized youths.

Silvia is a single Mum to a lovely boy and loves nothing better than to dance, listen to music, read a good book and travel with her son as her companion.
Silvia holds a Post graduate Diploma in Social Innovation Management from The Amani Institute based in Nairobi Kenya, with other hubs in Sao Paulo Brazil and Bengaluru in India. The Amani Institute is developing professionals who create social impact.

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