Silvia Muturi

Silvia is a social entrepreneur passionate about the Deaf community and partners with both the public and private sector to champion Deaf rights. After spending over a decade in the Deaf community, Silvia knows how to collaborate, change conversations and disrupt the status quo. She advocates for mainstreaming of services, inclusivity and empathy.

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Ngugi, J, Kimotho S, Muturi S.  2018.  Social Media Use By The Deaf In Business At Nairobi, Kenya. AJBUMA JOURNAL. 4(3) Abstractdeaf_use_of_social_media_in_21st_century_business.pdfWebsite

Social media for business is the new frontier for deaf Kenyans, due to the information gap they often experience as they navigate a largely speaking and hearing world. This case studyon the use of social media platforms for business by the deaf in Nairobi includes a special emphasis on the convergence of their natural visual language, sign language with video technology. The research is important to boost socio economic livelihoods of deaf Kenyans for equality in development as well as integrate the Kenyan business industry with the innovation and creativity introduced by the signing „genre‟ of business communication. The results of the study indicate that the dialectical gap between the deaf and hearing is significantly reduced as sign language users can informally interact and exchange ideas, information and updates on business. In addition, the general boost in vocabulary originating from deaf people‟ interest in on-line communication in Kenya is highlighted. It is recommended that the recent immersion of the Kenyan deaf community in the use of smartphones and dissemination of instant messaging needs to be enhanced, as it may yield answers to societal inclusion, while also highlighting deaf cultural pride proponents of the deaf business people‟ creativity.
KeyWords:Deaf, social media, business, Kenya


Joyce, N, Muturi S, Ngugi A, Gichure A, Kimotho S.  2016.  Interventions for Children with Hearing Disabilities in the Kenya Juvenile Justice System, 15-17 Nov 2017. Interventions for Children with Hearing Disabilities in the Kenya Juvenile Justice System. , ted States Int’l University EAMARC conferenceinterventions_for_children_with_hearing_disabilities_in_the_juvenile_system.pdf

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