Actinobacillus seminis as a cause of ram infertility in Kenya

Mbiuki SM, Mbai K, Gathumbi PK. "Actinobacillus seminis as a cause of ram infertility in Kenya.". 1996.


An outbreak of epididymitis and orchitis associated with Actinobacillus seminis infection is reported. In the outbreak, both young unmated rams and mature breeding rams were affected. Infected rams were found to have abscessed testes and epididymi and semen of poor quality when compared with uninfected rams. Testicular and epididymal lesions in affected rams were similar to those observed in cases of brucellosis. While no other body systems were observed to be affected by the disease, severe losses may be incurred by farmers through the loss of breeding rams. Infection by A. seminis should be considered as a differential diagnosis in cases of epididymitis and orchitis in Kenya.


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