Owino, SA.  2015.  The effect of management competence, competition and working environment on performance of public service vehicle Saccos in Nairobi county. , Nairobi: University of Nairobi Abstract

SACCO performance is affected by so many factors key among them being management
competence, competition and the working environment. This study sought to establish the
extent to which the three factors (management competence, competition and the working
environment) impact on the overall performance of public service vehicle SACCOs in
Nairobi County with the main objective being to establish the relationship between the
variables under study. The study targeted a population of 63 PSV SACCOs registered and
operating in Nairobi County of which a survey was done to help draw a generalized
conclusion on the PSV SACCOs performance in Nairobi County with the study
considering a period of five years from 2010-2014. The study used a descriptive research
design with SPSS and the multiple regression model being used to analyze and present
data. From the data collected and analyzed, the study found to exist a positive
relationship between management competence and SACCO performance such that as
management competence rises, SACCO performance rises and falls when management
competence falls. Data analysis further revealed another positive relationship between
SACCO performance and the working environment such that a favorable working
environment commands better SACCO performance while unfavorable working
environment caused poor SACCO performance. However a negative relationship was
seen to exist between SACCO performance and level of competition such that as the level
of competition went up, SACCO performance was seen to drop and only increase when
the level of competition went down. The study recommended that SACCO members elect
people with managerial competence to manage their SACCO affairs and that SACCO
directors appoint/employ highly qualified staff to help them run their SACCOs because
management competence was seen to have a positive effect on SACCO performance. The
study further recommended that SACCOs seek to increase the routes in which they
operate by merging as this is likely to reduce the effect of competition which had a
negative effect on SACCO performance. Lastly that SACCOs seek to improve and
perfect the working environment more so the issue of wages paid to their staff to improve
their motivation and hence increase SACCO performance.

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