Screening of Plant Extracts for Searching Antiplasmodial Activity

Derese S. Screening of Plant Extracts for Searching Antiplasmodial Activity. Madagascar: NAPRECA; 2005.


The aim objective of this study consists in isolating the active molecules from plants used in traditional medicine to treat malaria and its symptoms.
197 plants were collected following to the ethnobotanic investigations. Plants were dried, powdered and macerated in a hydroalcoholic solution. Resulting extracts have been assessed for in vitro & in vivo antimalarial and toxicity activities.
For the plants collected in Madagascar: 15 extracts (i.e. 16%) prepared from 91 medicinal plants (of which 57 are antimalarial) present an interesting antiplasmodial activity with a value of IC50 less than 10 μg/mL, their cytotoxicity are weak with a value of IC50 evaluated at more than 50 μg/mL. Two of these extracts have an ED50 lower than 100 mg/kg.
With regard to the Congolese plants: five out of twenty six (i.e. 19%) collected plants would be interesting.

Key words:
Malaria, Screening, Plants, Madagascar, Africa

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