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Simiyu BN, Butt F, Dimba EA, Wagaiyu EG, Awange DO, Guthua SW, Slootweg PJ. "Keratocystic odontogenic tumours of the jaws and associated pathologies: a 10-year clinicopathologic audit in a referral teaching hospital in Kenya." J Craniomaxillofac Surg. 2013;41(3):230-4. Abstractkcot_published_edition_.pdf

To establish the pattern of occurrence and the clinicopathological features of keratocystic odontogenic tumour (KCOT) over a 10-year period.

Makhanu N, Simiyu NB, Luna KDG, Alcorta PP. "Management of a Combined Endodontic-Periodontal Lesion: A Case Report." Endodontic Society of the Philippines journal . 2019;12(1):11-16.
S P, Simiyu BN, JY S, K T, FI W, KG DL, GES D, LV I. "Management of Mandibular Lateral Incisors with Vertucci Type II Canal Configuration." Journal of the Endodontic Society of the Philippines . 2018;11:19-23.
Weboko FI, Nyongesa BS, Makhanu MN, Santos MS, Luna KDG, Dey GES, Viloria IL. "Mineral Trioxide Aggregate Pulpotomy for Apexogenesis of an Immature Permanent Molar. A Case Report." Endodontic Society of the Philippines journal . 2020;32(1):16-21.

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