Samson Gunga (2006).

OKURO DRGUNGASAMSON. "Samson Gunga (2006). .". In: University of Nairobi. 2003; 2006.


This paper examines the nature of philocounseling and its possible application in education. It contends that school counseling continues to respond to ever changing expectations of learners created by enhanced understanding of school going age as a result of early intellectual maturity afforded by both the print and electronic media.The need for counseling in schools does not have to only respond to career issues, mental health, and educational and socio-ethical concerns. There is also a need to assess and respond to the impact of multifarious meanings afforded by current information on the purposes and responsibilities of learners in schools.This paper proposes that as the youth become more informed, counselors ought to learn to take cognizance of the contribution that philosophical insight could make within or as a complementary to psychotherapeutic dialogues that are traditionally carried out under Guidance and counseling in learning institutions. Philosophical counseling (Philocounseling) take care conceptual and meaning variations that forms of




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