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Pals, hereunder is my poem on VAT, whose abridged version was published on page 11 of the Sunday Magazine, of the Sunday Standard on September 29, 2013.


VAT, what is that?
Vatable, invertable, convertable,
Inclusive, exclusive and compulsive.
If all be vatable, what then is left?.

VAT on BAT, CAT, DAT, FAT,............and ZAT
Spare the parts, for a raid on gas is pinching the purse.
Essential goods and non-essential commodities, so all are paying through the nose;
Infants, elephants, guilty and innocent, all are instantly feeling the heat.

Make ammends and mend the fence before it is late, and irredeemable damage is done.
Capital flight is calmnly winning the fight,
Manufucturers are mindfully moving away and across,
Unemployment and all other social ills, will surely grow.

Consumers are spoiling for a fight, ‘cause economic gains made, have rapidly gone down the drain.
Milk and malt, sugar and salt, flower and flour all alike,
Boots and books, gas and glass, all slapped with VAT.
Zero the VAT, free the sales, grow the base and lessen the burden, so that the common man may live.

Make them buy the little they buy, for by the way, multitudes are tiranny of numbers of sorts, and grow the little wider cake that is sought for, by all.
Otherwise, stiffle the sales by the common man and face the music of capital flight and fight for relevance, already thrown out of the window.

Taxable is not all, so exempt one or two,
If you so much care, as you claim you do.
Are we duped or dopped all the same, for a struggling folks eking life?
No matter the matter, Mater hospitals the mother, and all is sick and depressed in the depression.

Rich and paupers all alike, the common denominator, is the grave.
Hurt not the gas, the flour, the oil and all, for the sake of all.
When the present percentage is passed, ill-timed evil will lurk, to the chagrins and the detriment of all, and not just a few,
So then, VAT is that!.

ALFRED SAMSON ODUOR’S COLLECTION OF POEMS, HE is an ongoing MBA student at the Universtity of Nairobi, A graduate of B A honours in Economics and Mathematics degree of Egerton University, Administrator at the University of Nairobi and Pastor at World Mission Agency a k a Winners Chapel International, Nairobi. E-mail addresses:, and

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