Biflavones of Dioon

Dossaji SF, Bell EA, Wallace JW. "Biflavones of Dioon." Phytochemistry. 1973;12:371-373.


Abstract—Seven biflavones, amentoflavone, bilobetin, sequoiaflavone, ginkgetin, sciadopitysin, 7,4',7',4"-
tetra-O-methylamentoflavone, and diooflavone (amentoflavone hexamethyl ether), were identified from
extracts of the cycad genus Dioon. The biflavones were identified by direct comparison with authentic
samples using m.m.p., co-chromatography in 3 solvents, and NMR studies of the acetates. This is the first
time amentoflavone hexamethyl ether has been identified as a natural product. After surveying numerous
species of the Cycadales, no evidence could be obtained for the occurrence of biflavones glycosides or of biflavones base upon any other nucleus than apeginin.



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