Antimalarial Activity of Some Kenyan Medicinal Plants.

Oketch-Rabah HA, Dossaji SF, Mberu EK. "Antimalarial Activity of Some Kenyan Medicinal Plants." Pharmaceutical Biology (formerly International Journal of Pharmacognosy). 1999;37(5):329-334.


This paper describes the in vitro antimalarial activity of eight species of plants popularly used traditionally to treat malaria in Kenya. Organic and aqueous extracts from different parts of the plants were tested. Generally, a stronger antimalarial activity was observed in the organic extracts. The most active extracts were of Vernonia brachycalyx O. Hoffm. Schreber. (Compositae) leaves which showed an IC 50 of 6.6 g/ml for methylene chloride: ethyl acetate (1:1) extracts, while the aqueous and more polar methanolic extracts gave IC 50 values of 29.6 and 30 g/ml, respectively. The findings of this study support the use of this plant as a traditional remedy for malaria. The rest of the plants tested gave IC 50 values between 30–100 g/ml.

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