Richard Mukabana is a PhD graduate of the laboratory of Entomology at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. His training and professional (work/research/teaching) experience cover the broad areas of applied medical entomology and medical parasitology. He has a strong track record in the area of tropical vector borne infectious diseases research. Richard has published >70 scientific articles in peer reviewed international journals, largely using Anopheles and Plasmodium as experimental organisms. He has lots of experience working on mosquito behavioral ecology in containment (semi-field systems) as well as under real field conditions. He has been involved in pioneering research that aims to unravel how parasites manipulate insect vectors to enhance disease transmission. In terms of geography his work has been carried out in the Eastern Africa countries of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia. He has astute experience working with odor molecules and compounds that mediate host seeking in insects. He is highly experienced working with mosquito traps and lure delivery devices. More recently he worked on a study that used infrared cameras to track mosquito behavior. His interest has recently expanded into the area of larval source management, where he has three ongoing projects in the capacity of PI. He is also working on mosquito spatial repellent and outdoor resting projects. He has long experience teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and has strong and proven leadership skills. He can deliver meaningful outputs under ‘oppressive’ time constraints.

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