Gluconic acid production by Penicillium puberulum.

Gluconic acid production by Penicillium puberulum., Elnaghy, M. A., and Megalla S. E. , Folia microbiologica, 1975, Volume 20, Issue 6, p.504-8, (1975) copy at


Twenty-five Penicillium species isolated from Egyptian soil were examined for their ability to produce gluconic acid in surface culture. Of the eight species capable of producing gluconic acid, Penicillium puberulum gave the maximum yield (91% gluconic acid from glucose after 7 days of fermentation with 3% CaCO3). Peptone was the best nitrogen source for acid fermentation and glucose was superior to sucrose. Addition of low concentrations of KH2PO4 and MgSO4 - 7 H2O stimulated acid production. An initial pH of 6.1 was most favourable for acid accumulation and addition of CaCO3 was necessary for maximum acid production.



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