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I am a veterinarian specialized in animal science. I am both a container of immense knowledge and skills in animal science. I specialize in analysis of food production systems in general and specifically in livestock production systems. I am thoroughly capable of generating information through participatory field and on station laboratory research. I do this directly and through coordinated supervision of students and field assistants/enumerators.

To enable me do this I have received extensive training in the whole range of animal sciences. In addition I have been trained and have practiced experimentation, data collection and analysis, Livestock Systems analysis for the last 25 years. This is in addition to obtaining a PhD focusing on the interaction of nutrition with reproductive performance in pigs and a Masters degree on milk production potential of free ranging goats in the ASAL of Northern Kenya. I have continued to keep up to date with word and data processing and presentation computer packages to which I was introduced in 1985 when computers were a drudge. Having been a computer manager in our department at the University of Nairobi, I have actively participated in upgrading and modernization of both hardware and software.
Do you work with communities? Most of my Research has been participatory in nature, involving working with farmer groups and community based organizations in documentation of indigenous and traditional knowledge, recording testing and improving farmer innovations and working with teams and consortium involving a variety of departments and institutions.
My emphasis has been to be results oriented intent on timely delivery of findings. This is not always easy while working with variety of diverse persons and institutions. But I have aspired to do just that and working with strong teams, I have often fulfilled my objectives on time, while paying attention to quality.
I have recently developed an attitude that underscores the importance of a variety of people/disciplines thinking, and working together for the good of many people; to build their capacities to deliver, leading to wellbeing of the society at large. I see the need to have a global perspective in research and academic discussion. Global problems are not simple and easy to address. Disciplinary approaches only give part solutions to them. I seek to partner with those willing to combine expertise for problem identification and solving. I dream of the days when the faculty will seek inclusiveness in project development. I see the need for building visionary inter- and intra-faculty linkages, developing new approaches in curricula delivery and strengthening peer support for individual and social faculty development. I lead in taking the first few steps towards this dream.

Prof Raphael G. Wahome

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