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R. E, W. MR, Otieno DJ. "A Cultural Paradigm Shift in Central Africa: Sociocultural Determinants and Cultural Dimensions." The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social and Community Studies. 2019;14(1):19-37.
Ebanda RO, Michieka RW, Otieno DJ, V. G. "The Dynamics of Culture on Environmental Sustainability: A Case of Central Africa." The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social and Community Studies. 2018;12(3):1-15.
O. ER, W MR, Otieno DJ. "The Effects of Sociocutural Determinants on Cultural Dimensions: A Case of East Africa." The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social and Community Studies. 2018;13(4):19-37.
Michieka RW. Trials in academic and administrative leadership in kenya. Dakar: Codesria; 2016.
Sabuni AZ;, Mbuthia PG;, Maingi N;, Nyaga PN;, L.W N;, L.C B;, J. N. M;, R.O O. "Intensity of ectoparasites in free-range family chicken in Eastern province, Kenya."; 2008.
Njagi LW;, Mbuthia PG;, Nyaga PN;, Bebora LC;, Michieka JN;, Minga UM. "Localisation Of Newcastle Disease Viral Nucleoprotein In The Tissues Of Carrier Ducks.".; 2008. Abstract

Localisation of Newcastle disease viral nucleo protein in the tissues of carrier ducks was evaluated in 45 experimentally infected and 10 sentinel ducks. Ten chickens were used as positive control bir ds. The ducks were sacrificed serially on days 1, 4, 8 and 14 – post - inoculation. Six tissues (liver, spleen, lung, cecal tonsils, kidneys and brain) were collected from each bird, preserved in 10% neutral formalin for 24 hours, and then transferred to 70% ethanol. Indirect alkaline phosphatase – antialkaline phosphatase immunoperoxidase staining was performed to detect viral nucleoprotein. The ducks (28.9 %) had Newcastle disease viral nucleoprotein in their tissues. The viral nucleoprotein s were found in l arge mononuclear cells of cecal tonsils and tubular epithelial cells in the kidneys of infected ducks. The viral antigens were located in the cytoplasm and nucleolus of the respective cells. Liver, lungs, spleen and brain of all infected ducks did not have detectable viral antigens. The number of ducks with viral antigen increased with duration of infection from 22.2%, 16.7%, 33.3% and 41.7% on days 1, 4, 8 and 14 post - inoculation , respectively (p<0.05).Viral antigen intensity in cecal tonsil tissue section s was 4, 5, and > 5 cells in 15.4%, 53.8% and 30.8%, respectively, of the infected ducks. In the kidneys, more than 5 positive cells were recorded. Thus, in Newcastle disease virus carrier ducks, the kidneys and cecal tonsils need to be sampled for virus i solation besides other tissues

Sabuni AZ;, Mbuthia PG;, Maingi N;, Nyaga, P. N., L.W. Njagi, L.C. Bebora, Michieka. JN. "Prevalence of ectoparasites infestations in indigenous chickens in Eastern Province, Kenya."; 2008.
Sabuni, A.Z, Mbuthia, P.G., Maingi, N., P.N. Nyaga, L.W. Njagi, L.C. Bebora, Michieka JN. "Prevalence of haemoparasites infections in indigenous chickens in Eastern Province, Kenya.".; 2008.
Kamweti D;, Michieka RW;, Karanja N. "Tree Species Composition And Spacing In Agroforestry System Of Embu District, Kenya."; 2008. Abstract

In agroforestry systems, farmers plant or retain different tree species because of their different roles. In selection of tree species, farmers seek fast growing trees, which can generate income from sale of timber and woodfuel. Other attributes to such tree crop competition and soil enrichment are borne in mind during tree species screening and selection by farmers. An investigation of tree species composition and spacing in any agroforestry system is a prerequisite to determination of growth and yield of wood resources in agroforestry system. The main objective of this study was to determine relative frequency of the common tree species and their spatial distribution in agroforestry areas of Embu District, Kenya.

Wamocho L;, Yamashita K;, Ishii, T; Michieka RW, Ishii, T; Michieka RW. "Charcoal Application and VAM Inoculation Promote Vine Growth, Yield and Quality of Passion Fruits in Kenya."; 2000. Abstract

A field experiment was conducted in 1996/1997 to investigate the effect of charcoal (CH) and vesicular-arbuscular mycorhiza (VAM) inoculation on vine growth, fruit development and quality of passion fruits grown in the field. Plants grown in soils that are low (< 30 ppm) in P content, benefited from root colonisation by VAM. Inoculation of passion fruit cuttings raised in sterilised media inoculated with VAM fungi significantly increased vine growth, yield and quality of fruit. Inoculation with VAM fungi resulted to 100% survival of passion fruit transplants

WAYA PROFMICHIEKARATEMO. "Published several papers in local and international journals.". In: THE ICEMSSP PROGRAMME. Journal of School of Continuous and Distance Education ; 1999.
Muchiri, G; W; Michieka RW;, Dibbits HJ, Dibbits HJ, Oluoch Kosura. Ox-drawn equipment development in Kenya..; 1996. AbstractWebsite

Recent efforts to develop ox-drawn equipment in Kenya arise out of the dilemma caused by unsuccessful efforts to promote tractors. The country has a number of about 10 000 tractors cultivating about 600 000 ha in the large-farm sector and 42 000 ha in the small-farm sector. The tractor market has slowed down to less than 1000 a year. The failure of tractor mechanization in small-scale farming coupled with the lack of ox-drawn equipment means that about 84% of smallholdings is using hand tools. In 1975, a workshop concluded that expanded ox-cultivation has a major part to play in increased agricultural production. After 4 years, the first 3 stages of development of ox-drawn equipment were accomplished. Aspects of local manufacture, training, extension and marketing are discussed.

WAYA PROFMICHIEKARATEMO. "Proceedings of East African Weeds of East Africa.". In: THE ICEMSSP PROGRAMME. Journal of School of Continuous and Distance Education ; 1996.
WAYA PROFMICHIEKARATEMO. "Co-edited some common weeds of East Africa (Magugu ya Afrika ya Mashariki FAO Publication ISBN 92-5 002426-6).". In: THE ICEMSSP PROGRAMME. Journal of School of Continuous and Distance Education ; 1992.
Ngugi MN;, Michieka RW. "Current findings on conservation tillage in a medium-potential area of Kenya."; 1989. Abstract

Minimum tillage is a system that limits the number of physical soil manipulations to the minimum. Work done in temperate regions and the tropics has demonstrated the benefits of minimum tillage over conventional tillage under specific conditions. The Kenya Government has recognized the need for more research in this area of minimum tillage and this has led to the initiation of trials in an attempt to develop easily adopted tillage systems. This paper gives the results of trials done at the Embu Research Station to determine the feasibility of minimum tillage in a medium-potential area of Kenya. Also tries to establish and confirm the yield advantages of minimum tillage over conventional tillage as observed elsewhere

Michieka RW;, Kinyanjui FK. "Deparment of Crop Science University of Nairobi."; 1987.
Michieka RW, Othieno H, Ruigu G, Said AN. "Towards intensive food production in Kakamega and Kiambu districts [of Kenya]: field survey results. Intensive food production and utilization project.". 1987. Abstract

A report giving the findings of a survey on food production systems conducted in Kiambu and Kakamega districts of Kenya. Looks into four principal areas such as crop and livestock production, socio-economic aspects and the adaptation of appropriate technology innovations. Gives some recommendations on the improvement of various aspects leading towards intensive food production in the two heavily populated districts.

Frye DM, Ilnicki RD, Michieka RW. "Weed control in southern greens."; 1978.

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