Othieno, CJ, Okoth RO, Peltzer K, Pengpid S, Malla LO.  Submitted.  Depression among university students in Kenya: Prevalence and sociodemographic correlates. Journal of affective disorders. 165:120-125. AbstractWebsite

Background Depression is a common cause of morbidity but prevalence levels among
Kenyan university students are poorly understood. A better understanding of depression and
its correlates is essential in planning for appropriate interventions in this population group.
Method A random sample of 923 University of Nairobi students (525 male and 365 female)
were interviewed using a questionnaire to record sociodemographic variables. Depressive
symptoms were measured using Centre for Epidemiological Studies Short Depression ..


Othieno, CJ, Okoth R, Peltzer K, Pengpid S, Malla LO.  2015.  Risky HIV sexual behaviour and depression among University of Nairobi students. Annals of general psychiatry. 14(1):16. AbstractWebsite

Abstract Background: Prevalence rates of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection
among the youth are disproportionately high compared to that of other age groups in Kenya.
Poor mental health has been linked to risky HIV behaviour, yet few local studies have
explored these aspects. This study sought to determine associations between HIV risky
sexual behaviour and depression among undergraduate students at the University of
Nairobi. Method: A random sample of 923 (525 males and 365 females) undergraduate ..

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