Patent ductus arteriosus in African preterm infants.

Musoke RN, Anabwani GA. "Patent ductus arteriosus in African preterm infants." East Afr Med J. 1991;68(8):637-41.


During a 7 month period, April to October, 1984, 537 consecutive babies weighing upto 2000 gm were studied at the Kenyatta National Hospital's newborn unit. Of these 48 (8.9%) had murmurs suggestive of patent ductus arteriosus (PDA). Their mean birth weight was 1364 +/- 482 gm while the mean gestation was 30.5 weeks. The peak incidence occurred in the weight group 1001 to 1500 gm. 15 (31%) of all infants with PDA died. The PDA closed spontaneously in 21 (43.7%) infants before discharge from hospital and 4 closed after discharge bringing the total closure of 25 (52%). This represented 76% of the survivors. 4 were lost to follow up. In another 4 infants there was inadequate information as to when the ductus closed. It is suggested that the relatively low incidence of PDA may be due to underdiagnosis and the high mortality infants less than 1000 gm in the first few days of life before diagnosis of PDA can be made. Wider use of objective diagnostic modalities may help to make definitive diagnosis.



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