Breastfeeding promotion: feeding the low birth weight infant.

Musoke RN. "Breastfeeding promotion: feeding the low birth weight infant." Int J Gynaecol Obstet. 1990;31 Suppl 1:57-9; discussion 67-8.


Though there is still some reluctance to use human milk for low birth weight infants, we have shown that it is possible exclusively to feed these infants on milk from their own mothers. The infants have adequate weight gain and are less likely to get infections, especially gastrointestinal and respiratory. It is possible to sustain lactation through manual expression during the period that the mother is not nursing her infant directly on the breast. A cup rather than a bottle can be used to feed these small infants. The mothers are thus encouraged because the infant does not suffer nipple confusion with a bottle and they continue breastfeeding after discharge from the hospital.



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