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Sobry A, Kizito W, Van den Bergh R, Tayler-Smith K, Isaakidis P, Cheti E, Kosgei RJ, Vandenbulcke A, Ndegwa Z, Reid T. "Caseload, management and treatment outcomes of patients with hypertension and/or diabetes mellitus in a primary health care programme in an informal setting." Trop. Med. Int. Health. 2014;19(1):47-57. Abstractcaseload_management_and_treatment_outcomes_of_patients_with_hypertension_andor_diabetes_mellitus_in_a_primary_health_care_programme_in_an_informal_setting_.pdf

In three primary health care clinics run by Médecins Sans Frontières in the informal settlement of Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya, we describe the caseload, management and treatment outcomes of patients with hypertension (HT) and/or diabetes mellitus (DM) receiving care from January 2010 to June 2012.

Aluvaala J, Nyamai R, Were F, Wasunna A, Kosgei R, Karumbi J, Gathara D, English M. "Assessment of neonatal care in clinical training facilities in Kenya." Arch. Dis. Child.. 2014. Abstractassessment_of_neonatal_care_in_clinical_training.pdf

An audit of neonatal care services provided by clinical training centres was undertaken to identify areas requiring improvement as part of wider efforts to improve newborn survival in Kenya.

Kihuba E, Gathara D, Mwinga S, Mulaku M, Kosgei R, Mogoa W, Nyamai R, English M. "Assessing the ability of health information systems in hospitals to support evidence-informed decisions in Kenya." Glob Health Action. 2014;7:24859. Abstractassessing_the_ability_of_health_information_systems_in.pdf

Hospital management information systems (HMIS) is a key component of national health information systems (HIS), and actions required of hospital management to support information generation in Kenya are articulated in specific policy documents. We conducted an evaluation of core functions of data generation and reporting within hospitals in Kenya to facilitate interpretation of national reports and to provide guidance on key areas requiring improvement to support data use in decision making.

Zachariah R, Kumar AMV, Reid AJ, den Bergh VR, Isaakidis P, Draguez B, Delaunois P, Nagaraja SB, Ramsay A, Reeder JC, Denisiuk O, Ali E, Khogali M, Hinderaker SG, Kosgei RJ, van Griensven J, Quaglio GL, Maher D, Billo NE, Terry RF, Harries AD. "Open access for operational research publications from low and middle-income countries: who pays?" Public Health Action . 2014;4(3):141-144.open_acess_for_operations_research_who_pays.pdf
Sitienei JK, Kipruto K, Borus P, Nyambati V, Sitienei JC, Kihara AB, Kosgei RJ. "Predictors of low body mass index among patients with smear positive pulmonary tuberculosis in Kenya." International Journal of Tropical Disease & Health. 2014;4(4):427-436.predictors_of_low_body_mass_index_among_patients_with_smear_positive_pulmonary_tuberculosis_in_kenya.pdf
Edwards JK, Thiongó A, den Bergh VR, Kizito W, Kosgei RJ, Sobry A, Vandenbulcke A, Zuniga I, Reid AJ. "Preventable but neglected: rickets in an informal settlement, Nairobi, Kenya." Public Health Action. 2014;4(2):122-127.preventable_but_neglected-_rickets_in_an_informal_settlement__nairobi_kenya.pdf
Zachariah R, Reid T, Van den Bergh R, Dahmane A, Kosgei RJ, Hinderaker SG, Tayler-Smith K, Manzi M, Kizito W, Khogali M, Kumar AMV, Baruani B, Bishinga A, Kilale AM, Nqobili M, Patten G, Sobry A, Cheti E, Nakanwagi A, Enarson DA, Edginton ME, Upshur R, Harries AD. "Applying the ICMJE authorship criteria to operational research in low-income countries: the need to engage programme managers and policy makers." Trop. Med. Int. Health. 2013;18(8):1025-8.applying_the_icmje_authorship_criteria_to_operational_research_in_low-income_countries_the_need_to_engage_programme_managers_and_policy_makers.pdf
Kihara AB, Kiarie G, Cheserem EJ, Amin M, Issak B, Rogena E, Kosgei RJ. "Breast cancer in pregnancy; routine examination, diagnosis and management- A case report ." Case reports in clinical medicine. 2013;2:119-122.breast_cancer_in_pregnancy_routine_examination_diagnosis_and_managemen_a_case_report.pdf
Nakanwagi-Mukwaya A, Reid AJ, Fujiwara PI, Mugabe F, Kosgei RJ, Tayler-Smith K. "Characteristics and treatment outcomes of tuberculosis retreatment cases in three regional hospitals, Uganda." Public Health Action . 2013;3(2):149-155.characteristics_and_treatment_outcomes_of_tuberculosis_3_regions_uganda.pdf
Buard V, den Berg VR, Tayler-Smith K, Godhia P, Sorby A, Kosgei RJ, Szumilin E, Harries AD, Pujades-Rodriguez M. "Characteristics, medical management and outcomes of survivors of sexual gender-based violence, Nairobi, Kenya." Public Health Action . 2013;3(2):109-112.characteristics_medical_management_and_outcomes_of_survivors_of_gender_based_violence.pdf
Cheserem EJ, Kihara AB, Kosgei RJ, Gathara D, Gichuhi S. "Ovarian Cancer in Kenyatta National Hospital in Kenya: Characteristics and Management." Open Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. 2013;3:165-171.ovarian_cancer_in_kenyatta_national_hospital_in_kenya_characteristics_and_management_.pdf
Sitienei JJ, Kihara AB, Kosgei RJ, Cheserem EJ, Siika AM, Nangami M, Kimaiyo S, Maina F. "Patients’ views on the care they receive in Express Care, a task-shifting model in HIV care, at AMPATH, Western Kenya ." Journal of Scientific & Innovative Research. 2013;2(2):243-251.patients_views_on_the_care_they_receive_in_express_care_a_task-shifting.pdf
Mosol P, Kosgei RJ, Mabeya H, Sitienei J, Sum T, Chelagat D, Namaloba R, Braitstein P, Siika A. "Providing Reproductive Health Module Within HIV Care and Treatment Centre in Kenya." Journal of Nursing and Health Science. 2013;3(1):19-20.providing_reproductive_health_module_within_hiv_care_and_treatment_centre_in_kenya.pdf
Kosgei RJ, Szkwarko D, Callens S, Gichangi P, Temmerman M, Kihara AB, Sitienei JJ, Cheserem EJ, Ndavi PM, Reid AJ, Carter EJ. "Screening for tuberculosis in pregnancy do we need more than a symptom screen Experience from western Kenya." Public Health Action . 2013;3(4):294-298.screening_for_tuberculosis_in_pregnancy_do_we_need_more_than_a_symptom_screen_experience_from_western_kenya.pdf
Kihara AB, Kosgei RJ, Cheserem EJ, Mueke S, Owende P, Ojanga NM, Karanja JG. "The sting of death: a case report of breaking bad news with maternal death." JOGECA. 2013;25(1):32-34.the_sting_of_death_a_case_report_of_breaking_bad_news_with_maternal_death.pdf
Braitstein P, Siika A, Hogan J, Kosgei R, Sang E, Sidle J, Wools-Kaloustian K, Keter A, Mamlin J, Kimaiyo S. "A clinician-nurse model to reduce early mortality and increase clinic retention among high-risk HIV-infected patients initiating combination antiretroviral treatment." J Int AIDS Soc. 2012;15(1):7. Abstracta_clinician-nurse_model_to_reduce_early_mortality_and_increase_clinic_retention_among_high-risk_hiv-infected_patients_initiating_combination_antiretroviral_treatment.pdf

In resource-poor settings, mortality is at its highest during the first 3 months after combination antiretroviral treatment (cART) initiation. A clear predictor of mortality during this period is having a low CD4 count at the time of treatment initiation. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect on survival and clinic retention of a nurse-based rapid assessment clinic for high-risk individuals initiating cART in a resource-constrained setting.

Kosgei RJ, Ndavi MP, Ong’ech JO, Abuya JM, Siika AM, Wools-Kaloustian K, Mabeya H, Fojo T, Mwangi A, Reid T, Edginton ME, Carter JE. "Symptom screening: diagnostic usefulness to detect pulmonary tuberculosis in HIV-infected pregnant women in Kenya." Public Health Action . 2011;1(2):30-33.symptom_screening_diagnostic_usefulness_to_detect_pulmonary_tuberculosis_in_hiv-infected_pregnant_women_in_kenya.pdf
Kosgei RJ, Wools-kaloustian KK, Braitstein P, Sidle JE, Sang E, Gitau JN, Sitienei JJ, Owino R, Mamlin JJ, Kimaiyo SN, Siika AM. "Task Shifting in HIV Clinics, Western Kenya." East African Medical Journal . 2010;87(7):299-303.eamj_task_shifting.pdftask_shifting_in_hiv_clinics_western_kenya.pdf
Cohen M, Kosgei RJ, Rerimoi A, Mamlin J. "The Emerging Problem of Coronary Heart Disease in Kenya ." East African Medical Journal . 2003;80(6):293-297.the_emerging_problem_of_coronary_heart_disease_in_kenya.pdf

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