Obstetrical emergencies in relation to millennium development goals

Z. Q. "Obstetrical emergencies in relation to millennium development goals." East Afr Med J. 2008;85(2):53-5.


At the turn of this century, 189 countries endorsed the Millennium Declaration and signed up to meeting eight goals. "These eight commitments are simple but powerful objectives that every man and woman can easily understand and support. They are also different from other bold pledges that became broken promises over the past 50 years: first, because they have unprecedented political support; second, because they are measurable and time-bond, with most of this agenda meant to be attained by the year 2015; and third - and most important - because they are achievable." Koffi Annan.

Children are the future of society and their mothers the guardians of that future: Childbirth is a very special life changing event - a joyful experience when all goes well but it can also be a difficult period bringing with it new problems as well as the potential for suffering. When obstetric emergencies occur, if not dealt with immediately they can cause severe morbidity or mortality for the mother or baby or both.

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