Salary determinants in higher institutions of learning in Kenya.

Muturi B, Ngare P. "Salary determinants in higher institutions of learning in Kenya." International Journal of Academic Research in Economics and Management Sciences. 2014;3.


There has been a debate over the years on which category of salary determinants best predicts an
employee salary, that is, whether it is organizational characteristics or individual attributes. This
study adopts a hybrid approach and seeks to examine the relationship between work experiences,
level of education, job category, and employee's salary. The findings of the study have shown
that there is a strong relationship. In addition, we have constructed a salary determinant model for
employees of higher institutions of learning in Kenya. The study has great significance to human
resource practitioners, who would find the salary determination model very useful in their
practice. The hybrid approach to salary determination will also provide a different academic and
scholarly perspective to the study of salary determinants.

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