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Mrs. Kurji has a Master of Science (Statistics) and a Bachelor of Science (Pure & Applied Mathematics) from the University of Nairobi in 1971 and 1969, respectively.

 She teaches Mathematical Techniques to Undergraduate Engineering students; Mathematics & Statistics to undergraduate Veterinary Students; Mathematics and Statistics to undergraduate Agriculture and Food Science and Technology students; Statistics and Design of Experiments to postgraduate students in Animal Production and various disciplines of Agriculture University of Nairobi.  She is a member on the Editorial Board of the East African Statistics Journal. She assists in the facilitation of RUFORUM Research Methodology Course.

 Mrs Kurji has taken part in developing and running short statistics training programmes for scientists and other users to strengthen student training while generating income.  Her other focus has been in enhancing biometry support for better training and research at Universities within the region (Rockefeller Project), developing Statistics training software for Africa “CAST for AFRICA” ( in collaboration with Dr Doug Stirling, Massey University, New Zealand), developing procedures for better and easier access to climatic data for training and research work;  developing undergraduate computer lab and related programmes for enhancing training at CAVS ( with support from UK Met Office). Her research is focuses on biometry curriculum development for Undergraduates (initiating PhD studies).

 Her out-reach entails integration of climatic data into the biometry curriculum; supporting the SIAC (Statistics for Applied Climatology) training accrediting trainers for GenStat as well as for acquiring and distributing free Genstat Version 5 to training institutions in Africa (in collaboration with ICRAF & SSC, promoting multidisciplinary approach to research; promoting better collaboration and exchange programmes to support training and research in the Faculty.

She is currently a member of the Task Force for promoting the project on MSc in biometry for the region. She is also national co-ordinator for IASE (International Association for Statistical Education) for promoting statistics education in the country and also a consultant on Community Quality of Life Study.

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