Brief Resume
Information and Communication Technology professional with a Masters degree in Applied Computer Science, a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of Nairobi School of Computing and Informatics. Paul Kariuki has more than thirteen years' (17) experience in overseeing IT operations, analyzing and designing information systems to aid on-time delivery of business solutions. With excellent skill in project Management, information system analysis, application integration/support/development, project management, and cost containment with a good track record of successful usage of new products and technologies to solve complex business problems and improve service delivery.

Visionary Leader with Strong Management Skills – Broad experience in technology assessment and deployment, budgeting, contract negotiation, business planning, implementation, project and change management. Able to effectively communicate with managers at all levels and successfully incorporate information technology into business processes and systems.

Technology Skills – Thoroughly familiar with state-of-the-art Internet services, CASE tools, Web programming, applications development, Internet applications, client/server applications, object-oriented technology, programming, databases, wide area networks, local area networks, technical services, computer operations, software quality assurance and fully conversant with major operating systems.

Methodology Expertise – Broad experience with Structured System Analysis and Design Methodology, including information strategy planning, business area analysis, business system design, technical design/construction/ transition, business re-engineering methodology (BRE), Project evaluation and implementation, and Rapid Application Development (RAD) techniques.

Web Design Expertise – In-depth experience in web design, development, web server administration, and interfacing web site with other Information systems and online information processing.

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