Synthesis of Side Chain Conformationally Restricted alpha-Amino Acids

MACHATHA PROFGITUPETER. "Synthesis of Side Chain Conformationally Restricted alpha-Amino Acids.". In: Methods of Organic Chemistry, Volume E 22c, 5-51. International Journal of BiochemiPhysics; 2003.


The Rose-Bengal plate test (RBPT) was performed on 488 patients with flu-like symptoms from Narok district. There was poor agreement between RBPT results from four health facilities in Narok and from the central veterinary laboratory (CVL). Agreement was poorer for the three rural dispensaries than for the District Hospital. On the other hand, for tests conducted at the CVL, there was good agreement between RBPT, serum agglutination test (SAT) and complement fixation test (CFT) results, indicating that all these tests were probably performing well. Better training and quality control and the use of white rather than a clear background surface for judging agglutination results are recommended to improve the performance of test results in Narok District health facilities.




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