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Dr. Peter Onyango Onyoyo is a full faculty member of the School of Law - University of Nairobi, Commercial Law Department and a lecturer at Kisumu Campus. He is a lecturer in law and an academic lawyer with serious practice background. He holds Ph.D in the Public International Law. He is already lecturing in Public International Law, International Humanitarian Law, International Human Rights Law, Social Foundations of Law, Media law and Ethics for Mass Communication to students of Masters Programme, Psychology of the Court and Forensic Psychology to the Department of Psychology, Climate Change Law at the Institute for Climate Change and Adaptation, Law of the Sea, Environmental Law, Business and Company Law, African Customary Law, and Professional Ethics. He is a professional consultant with scholarly and academic repute. His education background ranges from sociology, philosophy, legal medicine, psychology, mass communication, law, jurisprudence, common law, as well as environmental law issues. He is a writer of law books. He has written on African customary law, Law, Science and Technology, Human Rights, Administrative Law and several Peer Reviewed Articles for International Scholarly Journals. He is in the Google Scholar and Academia Education and many other reliable websites. Dr. Onyango also supervises students of LLB, LLM, Ph.D, and professionals. He attends and participates in international conferences.

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