Dr. Patrick M. Wanjohi

I am a Doctor of Medicine (University of Nairobi), specialized in Clinical Biochemistry and a registered medical practitioner, having undertaken various specialized courses in various universities. The specialized courses range from diagnostic to therapeutic aspects particularly in the field of nutrition. I have taught pre-clinical, medical and pharmacy students. Of particular interest is the promotion of medical nutrition to Food science and Technology students since our medical school does not have a department of nutrition. I am currently involved in teaching nutritional biochemistry to second year Food science and Technology students. In the recent past I have been involved in teaching basic biochemistry to first year agriculture, veterinary and range management students. Against this background, my ambition is to introduce quick, cheap and quality assured diagnosis of metabolic diseases especially arising from pandemic of non-communicable diseases. Indeed, I am currently engaged in actualizing an alternative therapy programme  with colleagues from the Portland, Oregon , USA.  

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