Periduodenal Tuberculosis Masquerading As Annular Pancreas

ONGETI DRKEVINWANGWE, MANDELA DRIDENYAPAMELA. "Periduodenal Tuberculosis Masquerading As Annular Pancreas.". In: Annals of African Anatomy. Annals of African Surgery; 2012.


Gastrointestinal tuberculosis is rampant in Africa. Nonetheless, isolated duodenal involvement is rare, and is more likely to mimic other causes of duodenal obstruction. We report a patient who succumbed to an isolated mid duodenal tuberculosis, diagnosed at laparatomy, whose clinical presentation, endoscopy and computerised tomography scans resembled annular pancreas. The limitations of clinical evaluation, endoscopy and radiology are highlighted as the importance of diagnostic laparoscopy is emphasized.




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