Frequency of Adenotonsillectomy in some Nairobi Hospitals.

Idenya PM, Oburra HO. "Frequency of Adenotonsillectomy in some Nairobi Hospitals." East African Medical Journal. 2001;78(7):338-342.


Objectives: To determine the frequency of adenotonsillectomy in a sample of Kenyan hospitals and to review indications, timing and complications in 97 cases of adenotonsillectomy done by the authors.
Design: Retrospective, descriptive study.
Setting: Kenyatta National, Nairobi, Aga Khan, Gertrude and Mater Hospitals.
Results: Adenotonsillectomy is the most frequent otolaryngologic surgical operation. Indications for surgery were upper airway obstruction in 61.3%, recurrent tonsillitis in 28.7% and both in 7.5%. Surgery was indicated during the acute stage in 6.8% of cases. There was one case of post-operative acute airway obstruction. Post operative bleeding from the tonsillar bed was encountered in 2.1 % of cases.
Conclusion: Adenotonsillectomy is the most common otolaryngologic surgical operation in our set-up. The low frequency of complications and a short hospital stay puts up a case for routine adenotonsillectomy as a day surgery procedure.




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