Effects of Prosopis juliflora Seedpod Meal Supplement on Weight gain of Weaner Galla goats

Koech OK. Effects of Prosopis juliflora Seedpod Meal Supplement on Weight gain of Weaner Galla goats. NAIROBI: UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI; 2010.

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This study was conducted to determine the effect of increasing amounts of Prosopis juliflora
seedpod meal on the growth rate of weaner Galla goats. The overall aim of this study was to assess
the feasibility of incorporating Prosopis seedpods into a typical dryland livestock production
system. The study further sought to evaluate the economic viability of supplementing goats with
Prosopis seed pods and establish the optimum supplementation level for improved performance.
The experiment involved 20 weaner Galla goats of similar age (6 months) and weights (11-14 kg)
which were randomly assigned to four treatments of five weaners each. The treatments were T1 No
Prosopis (control treatment), T2 (100 g /goat /day Prosopis), T3 (200 g /goat /day Prosopis), and T4
(400g /goat /day Prosopis). Supplementation involved providing the goats with their respective
portions of Prosopis seedpod meal in the morning before the grass hay was offered. The animals
were weighed on weekly basis and the average weight gains calculated as the difference between
that weeks’ weight and the previous week’s weight divided by five. The experiment lasted for 70
days. Overall, all the treatment groups exhibited higher average weekly weight gains than T1
(control) throughout the experimental period. However, for the first 3 weeks, these differences
were not statistically significant (P<0.05). From the fifth week on wards, however, the differences
in growth rates were statistically significant (P<0.05). Overall, treatment T3 exhibited highest total
weight gain (3.96kg), followed by T4 (2.70kg). Group T1 lost weight by the end of the experiment
(-0.009kgs). The cost benefit analysis indicated that it is profitable to supplement the goats with
200g/goat/day, which was the most cost effective with a benefit cost ratio (BCR) of 1.50. T2 was
also cost effective, but at a lower level (RBC=1.47). Treatment T4 was not cost effective BCR
(0.57). It is therefore recommended that supplementation at optimum level of Prosopis seedpods
increases growth rates.

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