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This paper is based on narrative performances collected in research by students of the University of Nairobi under the guidance of their lecturers. The fieldwork was conducted in February 2005 among nomadic communities in northern Kenya. The main thrust of the paper is to explore how Magdalene, a woman narrator, subverts the dominant masculine ideology inherent in the structure and orientation of oral narratives. The paper identifies the discrete and subtle ways in which the narrator seeks to undermine the manifest inclination of oral narratives towards male dominance. Considering that oral literature is a crucial tool in shaping the world view of a community (especially children), and bearing in mind that women artists perform many of the oral narratives, the imperceptible but subversive potential of such narration becomes even clearer.


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This paper examines how young men in Kenya are (de)constructing their body for sexual pleasure. The study is based on male students at the University of Nairobi. It seeks to find out the factors contributing to new trends in body and image projection. It analyses the distinguishing characteristics of these new trends in vogue. Finally, the study seeks to find out whose identity (local or foreign) emerges from these sexuality statements. In this inquiry, the guiding framework is hip-hop.   Results show that sexual identity among Kenyan youth is in a state of flux; the youth are under pressure to


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