Computing research challenges and opportunities with grid computers

Opiyo ETO, Ayienga E, Getao K, Manderick B, Nowé A, Okello-Odongo W. "Computing research challenges and opportunities with grid computers.". 2008.


Grid computers are integrated environments in which software and hardware resources are pooled in ways that give any user the impression of working with a single fast computer. This paper examines the current advances in grid computers from the point of view of their structures, global attention and support. We particularly, relate these matters with a section of the East African region and highlight the research opportunities that arise out of the research challenges. We show the relevance and options for adopting grid computing by developing countries. We concretize our ideas by presenting a conceptual framework for a campus grid computing scenario at the University of Nairobi, Kenya. Our contributions in this paper include a review of current trends in grid computing and available options; creation of awareness of the importance of grid computers and relating research opportunities in grid computing to regional circumstances.

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